License Purchase

License Purchase

Based on the model, the VioStor NVR comes with a different number of free channels. To add extra recording channels, please contact authorized distributors for detail. Or, you can contact QNAP Security ( for information on authorized distributors.

The number of recording channels supported varies based on the NVR model. Please refer to before your purchase or activating the license on the NVR.

The maximum number of recording channels supported is for reference only. The actual recording performance may vary depending on a number of factors such as the IP cameras, video contents, network bandwidth, recording settings and other applications running on the NVR. Please contact authorized distributors or camera vendors for more information on the recommended number of recording channels.
Maximum Recording Channels
VioStor NVR firmware QVR 5.0 or above:

VS-12100U-RP Pro+, VS-12100U-RP Pro NVR Models: 64 Channels
VS-8100U-RP Pro+, VS-8100U-RP Pro, VS-8100 Pro+ NVR models: 48 Channels
VS-6100 Pro+, VS-6000 Pro NVR models: 20 Channels
VS-4100U-RP Pro+, VS-4100 Pro+, VS-4000U-RP Pro, VS-4000 Pro NVR models: 16 Channels
VS-2100 Pro+, VS-2000 Pro NVR models: 12 Channels