License Purchase

License Purchase

Surveillance Station 5.0 comes with 2 or 4 free IP camera licenses* for Turbo NAS (depending on the model) and you can expand the number of channels to meet your demands by purchasing additional licenses.

* 2 or 4 free recording channels are available in Surveillance Station 5.0(or higher versions) with QTS 4.1 firmware (or higher versions.) Older versions of Surveillance Station and QTS provide a minimum of 1 free license.
* The maximum channels license depends on the model according to its hardware performance condition. Before expanding the number of channels, please check the model name and the maximum number of supported channels.

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Please note: The maximum number of recording channels supported is for reference only. The actual recording performance may vary depending on the IP cameras, video content, network bandwidth, recording settings, and other running applications on the NAS. Please contact an authorized reseller or camera vendors for more information.

Maximum Recording Channels
Surveillance Station 5.1 :

Turbo NAS ModelNumber of free IP camera channelsMax. number of supported IP camera channels
TS-x10, TS-x12, TS-x19, TS-x20, TS-x21, TS-x12P, HS-210, TS-x28, TS-131, TS-231, TS-431, TS-431U28
TS-x39, x59, x69 Series216
TS-251C, HS-251224
IS-400 Pro424
TS-231+, TS-431+, TS-x31P, TS-431X225
TS-531P, TS-531X, TS-831X, TS-431XU, TS-831XU, TS-1231XU230
TS-251, TS-451, TS-651, TS-851, TS-451S, TS-451U, TS-251A, TS-451A232
TS-251+, TS-451+, HS-251+, TS-253 Pro, TS-453 Pro, TS-653 Pro, TS-853 Pro, TS-453mini, IS-453S, TS-453U, TS-853U, TS-1253U, TS-453S Pro, TS-853S Pro, x70U Series240
TBS-453A, TS-253A, TS-453A, TS-653A, TS-853A, TS-453Bmini, TS-x53B, TS-x70, TS-x70 Pro, TVS-x70 Series, TS-563, TVS-463, TVS-663, TVS-863, TVS-863+, TS-463U, TS-863U, TS-1263U440
TVS-882ST3, TVS-882ST2, TVS-x73, TVS-871T, TVS-471U, TVS-871U, TVS-1271U, TVS-471, TVS-671, TVS-871, TS-x79 Series472
TS-x80 Series480
TVS-682, TVS-882, TVS-1282, TVS-682T, TVS-882T, TVS-1282T, TVS-1282T3, TVS-882BR, TVS-882BRT3, TVS-1582TU, TVS-ECx80 series, TDS-16489U, TS-1685, TES-x85U Series880
Please note: Starting from firmware version 4.1.2, Surveillance Station on the TVS-ECx80 (and other x80 series) NAS models comes with 8 free IP camera licenses. Previous firmware versions only provide 4 free camera licenses.